Call for Papers: Internet Research 13.0


Internet Research 13.0 will focus on the theme of technologies, understood in the broadest sense as crafts, techniques, and systems. The conference will examine the place of the Internet in the contemporary world and in relation to a range of existing and emerging technologies, considering its impact in a context where life is entangled with technologies of all kinds as never before. The conference will bring together scholars, researchers, students and practitioners from many disciplines to map and situate the development of the Internet as part of the history of human technology.

 To this end, we call for papers, panel and pre-conference workshop proposals from any discipline, methodology, community or a combination of them that address the conference themes. The conference seeks proposals for several different kinds of contributions. As in the past, they welcome proposals for traditional academic conference PAPERS, organized PANEL PROPOSALS that present a coherent group of papers on a single theme, as well as PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS which focus on a particular topic. The conference also invites proposals that will focus on discussion and interaction among conference delegates. A common form of this type is the ROUNDTABLE SESSION, but they would also like to encourage other formats, such as OPEN FISHBOWL SESSIONS. Finally, they invite short 5-minute talks on topics of interest to the community as part of our Ignite-IR panels.

Submissions due is 1 March, 2012 (Papers, Panels and Pre-Workshops)
. The submission deadline is a HARD DEADLINE; there will be NO extensions to this date.

Read more about submission requirements.

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