Title In Search of a Paradigm of Socio-Informatics: On Socio-Informatics and Social Informatics
Author Kurosu, T.
Source Journal of Socio-Informatics, Vol. 3, No. 1, Pages 69-81, 2010
Year 2010
Database Google
Access date 16.02.2011

With the development of ICTs, the earth is progressing to globalization more and more, and politics, economics, and the society are getting merged. The problems concerning ICTs and human beings/society which occur in the international society and the international relationships in globalization have become common problems everywhere both in big and small countries. Thus, as an academic system to answer such themes, “Socio-Informatics” was planned in Japan, and “Social Informatics” was planned in the West. Many researchers are making efforts to solve various problems in reality. “Social Informatics” in the West has its roots in IFIP, a society mainly consisting of information sciences. “Socio-Informatics” in Japan was born out of the ideas of humanities, social sciences, and philosophy, rather than out of those of “information sciences”. However, it is only the beginning of the precise defi nition of Socio-Informatics/Social Informatics and its objects of researches also in Japn and the West. In this script, we suggest our ideas concerning objects and methods of Socio-Informatics after introducing the present situation and themes of its researches in Japan and in the West. One of our ideas is that we need a viewpoint to grasp the whole human society comprehensively more and more in such new reality for developing Socio-Informatics/Social Informatics. About the necessity and the meaning of this viewpoint are examined in detail.

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