Social Informatics

Social Informatics (SI) is relatively new, growing discipline and not many universities offer this kind of study. In general, the research of Social Informatics started in the early 1970s, when studies about computerization have begun. It is obvious that definitions of the term ‘Social Informatics’ vary in different countries. There are many researchers examining this field, but the most important promoter is Rob Kling.

SI is an interdisciplinary field of study, which lays at the crossing of various disciplines: sociology, library and information science, education, human factors, computer science, economics, usability, information systems and communications. If we summarize the various definitions as well as educational, research and application practice we may structure SI in three directions:

  1. ICT’s interaction with society,
  2. ICT applications in the social sciences, and
  3. ICT as a tool in social research.